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Lufubu Falls

Luwingu, Zambia

A small but beautiful waterfall hidden away in the north of Zambia. 


Tucked away off the main road just west of Luwingu, Zambia, is a small waterfall called Lufubu Falls.   

A gently-flowing stream flows clear through some minor drops and tumbles before going around a gentle bend and then crashing over an immense stone structure before returning to its quiet flow. There have been a few structures built on the top, but they are mostly now in ruins. Teens will often gather here and sometimes churches will use the clear waters above the falls for baptisms, but rarely do outsiders visit this serene location.  

From the dirt parking area, you can hear the falls but due to heavy vegetation, you cannot see them. A short walk down some rock face will allow you a more clear view. The mist feels cool on a hot day and the mild roar is pleasant and peaceful. 

, and you might find a link to the Zambia Daily Mail Limited, which shows a photo… which is NOT actually Lufubu Falls. 



Know Before You Go

From Luwingu, head west on the M3 (main road from the town) until you cross a bridge. (this is 7.6 kilometers from where M3 and D43 join). Turn south on a dirt road. There will likely be a small sign stating "Lufubu Falls" near the entry.  It is a short and bumpy drive to the end of the dirt road where you may park. 

Entry from M3 is here 10°13'37.2"S 29°50'16.6"E   

Falls are here: 10°13'35.9"S 29°50'23.5"E  

If you do a search for "Lufubu Falls," mapping services may show a site east of Luwingu.

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