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Lost Springs

Shawnee, Wyoming

Population: 1. 


Incorporated in 1911, Lost Springs was home to almost 200 residents who mostly worked at the nearby Rosin coal mine. Due to the closing of the mine around 1930, the population of the already small town started to decline. The 1960 census showed that only five people were official residents of the town and, in 1976, Lost Springs was named the smallest incorporated town in America with a population of 11 by both the state of Wyoming and the United States government.

Though the sign says “Population 1,” Lost Springs mayor Leda Price claims that the town actually has a population of three.

Update September 19, 2018:  The town is becoming a metropolis! The sign now says “Population 4.” Must be experiencing a baby boom. 

Update July 4, 2023:  Population is now up to six - see photo.

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