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Berlin, Germany


This futuristic German spa allows visitors to float in a pool of salt water while zoning out to underwater techno. 

Puncturing the Berlin sky like a surreal crown, the exterior of the Liquidrom spa looks like something straight out of a science fiction novel, and the hi-tech delights within don’t disappoint either.

The complex is built to look like an abstract tent structure, a design choice, meant to honor the site’s previous life as a massive train station circa World War II, where buskers would perform where they pleased. Inside the ultra-modern structure, any remnant of those locomotive days are gone however, replaced with top of the line spa facilities made of clean lines and comfortable contours.

The Liquidrom is outfitted with a variety of saunas and baths, as well as clean, new changing facilities. However, all of these standard relaxation options pale in comparison to the crown jewel of the spa’s crown, the large salt water floating pool. Surrounded by large arches, the dimly lit pool is brought to life by multi-colored lights and music that is meant to be heard under the water. From classical to techno, the music and lights run different programs which can be checked on the website.

While the goal of the pool is to promote relaxation, the overall effect looks like something straight out of Logan’s Run, A Clockwork Orange, or some other strange science fiction classic. This is how the future will relax.

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