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Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Rock, West Virginia

This abandoned amusement park was built on a site with a dark history.  


The skeletal remains of the small Lake Shawnee Amusement Park create an eerie atmosphere which is appropriate given the site’s dark history.

It is associated with an infamous episode of conflict between Native Americans and the Clay family of white settlers. Years later, the amusement park was opened in 1926 to cater to the families of nearby coal workers. After the death of two children on the park grounds, the fun fair finally closed in 1966, leaving behind many of its rickety wood and steel rides. The rusting ferris wheel and children’s swing stand like dead trees among the unkempt wildlife. The grounds have changed hands over the years, but the land remains abandoned while the overgrown rides accumulate stories of hauntings and vengeful ghosts. 

Know Before You Go

Visiting the park is by appointment only, so you have to call and schedule a tour before you go! "Haunted Tours" of the park, are usually held on or around Halloween. The tour does require a good bit of walking, usually through high and often damp or wet grass. A fee is charged to participate.The park is located along US Rt.19/16, in the northwest corner of its intersection with WV Rt. 10, just north of the town of Kegley, WV.

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