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Lahti Ski Jump Tower

Lahti, Finland

Every summer, an open-air swimming pool appears at the base of a Finnish city's beloved winter attraction. 


Lahti, Finland is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. The city’s sports center has hosted multiple Nordic sporting championships and events, where thousands of people brave the frigid Scandinavian temperatures to watch agile skiers soar down three looming artificial hills.

However, locals know it’s worth sticking around in the warmer months, too. The ski jump tower, which is a star attraction in the winter, is open even when not covered in layers of snow. In fact, the public actually has better access during the summer than it does in the winter.

In the summer, an open-air swimming pool appears at the base of the jump tower. According to most, it’s the only ski jump tower in the world to boast such a seasonal feature. Families can swim and relax while splashing about in the shadows of the tallest hill.

Visitors who would rather stay dry can still ride a chairlift up to the site, where they can drink in the views of the surrounding scenery while being transported through the pleasant summer air. Once there, they can then take an elevator to the observation deck at the top of the 380-foot tall structure, which offers panoramic views of the city and distant nature.

Know Before You Go

During the summer, you can buy the swimming pool ticket or cable car ticket from the sports center's entrance. During the winter, you can bring your own cross country skiing gear to ski around the complex (entrance is free but depends on the snow conditions).

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