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L'Etoile de l'Amour

Job, France

Fur-lined metal pod dangling in the French countryside. 


The Star of Love (L’Etoile de l’Amour) is a mobile architecture unit created by Antonin Sorel, an artist from Montreal. Sorel is a self-taught architect and designer who typically works with found objects to create bizarre and often minimal living spaces.

Referred to passionately by the artist as a “love nest,” The Star of Love is a spherical metal contraption dangling from trees and supported only by a series of wires. Initially, the structure had a much darker intention and was going to be made to resemble Darth Vader’s star base. Sorel even tentatively named the project L’Etoile de la Mort, the Death Star. In the end, he optioned for a fur-lined interior and only vent-like windows, making it more “love nest,” than Imperial stronghold.

Permanently installed in deep nature in the beautiful region of Auverge in France, The Star of Love is has little else other than the countryside in all directions. With a backdrop of forest and local volcanoes, it is a modern and unique dash of industrial art upon the landscape. For those interested in the technical details of the Star, the plans are available on Mr. Sorel’s Myspace page.

It is only visible during the summer, if it has not yet been sold. In 2009, Sorel auctioned the Star of Love, along with a few other creations. It is unclear whether the structure has been purchased and moved from its location in Auvergne.

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