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Kuona Trust Arts Centre

This local art collective supports contemporary artists through a coveted residency program. 


The Kuona Trust, a non-profit in operation since 1995, is an invaluable resource for contemporary artists who vie for the two annual artist-in-residence spots at the Arts Centre in Nairobi. The Kuona Trust Arts Centre celebrates creativity and community by elevating artists across disciplines and engaging locals through educational programs and exhibitions.

A spot at the Kuona Trust Arts Centre is open to artists who appreciate culture and creativity. As artists-in-residence, artists work on a new body of work to be exhibited upon the residency’s close. Each artist also donates one artwork to the Centre’s private collection.

The Centre is one of Nairobi’s most progressive spaces, dedicated to supporting the production and appreciation of contemporary art in the city, which is rapidly developing an independent art scene.

Since 2008, the Trust has maintained the Centre and worked to expand artistic interest across Kenya. Ten studio spaces, training programs, and workshops in sculpture, printmaking, blacksmithing, and woodworking help creatives around the community cultivate new skills and experiment with various media.

A proponent of cultural exchange and open-mindedness, the Kuona Trust Arts Centre is open to international artists and holds exhibitions, artists’ talks, and public events for curious visitors and residents alike.

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The Kuona Trust Artists Centre is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

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