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The creation of the universe has many theories and several interpretations. One of the more controversial theories—because it is unfounded in scientific fact—has been posed by the young-Earth Creationists, who believe that the earth and all its lifeforms appeared no more than 10,000 years ago.

Jurassic Ark is an open-air demonstration of this theory. Founded by John Mackay, a former geologist and now the International Director of the Creation Research Centre, the aim of the Ark is to challenge visitors’ science-influenced preconceptions and beliefs about the origins of the universe, and provide them with enough evidence to question these already established theories. Geological specimens are compared to modern man-made ones, a machine rapidly drips out stalactites, and experiments to create coal and crude oil are ongoing.

Dinosaurs aplenty line the pathways, standing next to Bible verses and illustrated panels displaying everything from scenes of the Great Flood to jarring depictions of dinosaurs living side-by-side with modern-day ducks. (This latter illustration is based on the discovery of the Halszkaraptor escuilliei, an amphibious dinosaur that bore a striking resemblance to a duck.)

Real fossils and replica ones of dinosaurs in apparent positions of asphyxia serve as evidence that a Great Flood did indeed engulf the earth, drowning every single one of them all before Noah had a chance to bring them aboard his Ark.

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Tours of Jurassic Ark are guided. Admission is by donation.

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