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Juliet's Balcony

Pilgrimage site for star-crossed lovers. 


Even though Juliet Capulet is a fictional character created by Shakespeare, millions worship her as a love goddess. Every year tourists from around the globe flock to Verona just to see the balcony where she was wooed by her Romeo.

The balcony belongs to the aptly named La Casa di Giulietta, or House of Juliet, the former home of the Cappello family and the inspiration for the Capulets. Love-struck couples linger in the garden, pose for pictures on the balcony, or attach letters filled with sweet nothings to the walls. For good luck, many like to cop a feel off the bronze statue of Juliet, specifically her right breast, which has resulted in it developing a beautiful patina. Many people also leave their mark through graffiti and sticking chewing gum to the walls, some of the blobs being shaped into crude hearts.

People even send mail to Juliet of Verona. There is a local volunteer group that is dedicated to responding to the thousands upon thousands of letters that pour in annually from people desperately seeking romantic advice.

What was nothing more than a figment of Shakespeare’s imagination is now a central part of Verona’s tourism industry.

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