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Firewater Pond

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The subtle interplay of fire and water is hard to ignore at this remote Jamaican spring. 


Fire springs take rare and varying forms. The Yanar Bulag fire spring in Azerbaijan comes from water channeled through a pipe, with the resulting concentration of gases resulting in a more consistently impressive flame. Contrast that with the ever-burning Antarctic lava lake at Mt. Erbus, which simply won’t stop burning and bubbling uncontrollably, and it’s easy to find oneself desiring something in between the two.

Enter Firewater Pond in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Possibly inspired by the idyllic surroundings of tropical perfection, this calmly bubbling natural spring offers the perfect balance of effervescent fun when it comes to captivating interplays of fire and water. A calm grotto, a secretive location, and the gentle bubbling of the water’s surface reminds one more of an expensive spa than a flammable pool.

Visitors should be careful about going for a dip, however – strong natural gasses are what causes this particular spring’s subtle bubbling, and if ignited, the gas will burn strongly and significantly. So it’s not exactly the most soothing of baths.

Still impressive to locals and tourists alike, this unique spring is certainly off the beaten path compared to the crowded beaches of Montego Bay, and offers an experience not likely to be found anywhere near home. Not this perfectly, at least.

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