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Imjingak Resort

A large visitor's complex and place of remembrance on the outskirts of the DMZ.  


Imjingak Resort is not really a resort. Located about seven kilometers from the Korean Peninsula’s Military Demarcation Line, it was constructed in 1972 to serve as a place of remembrance for divided families following the Korean War.

One section of Imjingak is Unification Park, which includes a number of statues and monuments to the war. Nearby there is also a restaurant, an observation deck, and a small amusement park for children.

Adjacent to the park you can visit the so-called Freedom Bridge, which crosses the Imjin river. It’s a former railroad bridge once used by repatriated POWs returning from the North. Today a section of the bridge has been transformed into a moving and unique memorial, a place where families often come to tie colored ribbons to remember loved ones. 

Imjingak is a frequent site of annual and special events honoring South Korean desires for reunification.

Know Before You Go

Imjingak is a standard stop on any guided DMZ tour. Visiting via a pre-approved tour is your best bet, as private cars and taxies are not permitted. 

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