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West Des Moines, Iowa

Huston Cemetery

A small burial plot stranded in the middle of a road. 

Huston Cemetery is a little country graveyard right in the middle of a roundabout in West Des Moines, Iowa. Established in 1847, the first graves were two young girls from a family traveling by wagon train.

Mr. Huston, the man who the cemetery is named for, was the first attorney in Dallas County, Iowa. He ran a stagecoach station, a post office, a saloon, and even established a stop on the underground railroad. He was the last burial in the cemetery, in 1889. He is buried alongside his wife and six children, plus a few other family members. Eleven graves have been recorded in total in Huston Cemetery.

Eventually, the plan is for the intersection to be re-routed, so the little graveyard will one day no longer be stranded in the roundabout. But for now, automobile traffic and the cemetery share the road.

Know Before You Go

Very easy to locate. Just drive right to it. You can park on the North side of 88th. This street is blocked off to through traffic for construction.