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Hillandale Bridge

Euclid, Ohio

This abandoned bridge to nowhere stands secluded in the woods of a Cleveland suburb. 


Perched atop a hill on an old brick road in Euclid, Ohio, near a city park of the same name, lies a 1920s bridge that has stood the test of time, but exists as a bridge to nowhere.

The Hillandale Bridge was built for a housing development that was never completed. It and the surrounding land were abandoned during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and no developer ever picked up the thread after better economic times came about in the post-World War II era.

The structure stands as a testament to the bridge construction and engineering of the early automobile age, and is one of those hidden Cleveland-area gems that are worth seeking out for a hike or photographic excursion. Its soaring arches and picturesque curving roadway are still accessible to hike upon. They’re surrounded by quiet woods and cross a small, burbling creek at the bottom of a steep ravine.

The bridge is starting to show its age, so watch out for several holes that have crumbled out of the pavement and for concrete railing sections that have fallen down into the creek below. Along the bridge and the old brick road leading to it are old fixtures and remnants of streetlights as well.

Beyond the bridge are trails where an observant hiker can find remnants of old brick houses and the foundations of another older bridge. Even the ravine has some surprises in store, though the hike to get to them is an arduous one.

Know Before You Go

To get to the bridge, park within the Hillandale Park parking lot (this is where the GPS coordinates lead) and walk up on the brick road. The bridge is a small distance up the path; just be certain not to walk onto the driveway of the one private residence that exists up the hill. If you want to avoid the private drive altogether, there's a trail in the back left corner of Hillendale park that starts at the treeline and will lead you to the bridge. Bring boots.

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