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Het Badkonijn

A giant floating rubber duck-bunny painted with a different design every year. 


The Blijdorp district is one of the older and greener areas of Rotterdam, housing the city’s historical zoo, many small parks, and a small stretch of woods in the Vroesenpark. Oddly enough, there is also a giant rubber ducky in the form of a rabbit, painted with an eye-catching colorful design that changes every year.

This bizarre fixture of Vroesenpark, called “Het Badkonijn” or “The Bath Bunny,” is a publicly collaborative art piece. This means that while the sculpture was created by Rotterdam artist Kwannie Tang, the coloring is designed and painted by members of the community, usually children under 12 years old or seniors. Tang wanted the local residents to be more involved with how their city looks, and so a different resident artist is chosen to decorate the bunny each year.

A strange and whimsical sight, Het Badkonijn can be found drifting around the park’s lake near the equally peculiar “Hat of Lou Bandy” sculpture, a giant Oxford-style hat that appears to be floating upside-down in the water.

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The sculpture can be seen from the shore. It floats in the lake between March and October each year and is cleaned and painted during the winter months. 

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