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Henninger Turm is permanently closed.

Henninger Turm

The world's only silo that was topped by two revolving restaurants has unfortunately been demolished. 


Henninger Turm is one of the tallest silos in the world and very likely the only one with revolving restaurants on its top.

Designed by Karl Lieser for Henninger brewery in Frankfurt and built between 1959-1961, the Turm was capable of storing 16,000 tons of barley for beer making.

On the top of the 87-meter-tall silo were perched two revolving restaurants and two observation decks. Inside the tower, the uppermost floor hosted a winter garden restaurant.

The company celebrated the opening of the landmark building in 1961 with the inaugural Rund um den Henninger-Turm, or “Around the Henninger Tower” cycling race, which they funded until 2008. (Today the race continues under new sponsorship.)

The total height of the structure is 118.5 meters, making it the tallest building in Frankfurt until 1974, when it was dwarfed by new highrises in the center of the city.

Unfortunately, Henninger Turm is not in use anymore; it closed on October 31, 2002. It was demolished and on its site, a new Henninger Turm was built that houses residential units. It opened in 2017.

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