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Heart Rock Falls

Carved by a waterfall in a hard-to-reach rock formation, this heart-shaped rock has inspired romantics for decades. 


A woodland hike of a mile roundtrip ends at a lovely waterfall, but if you don’t recognize the end of the trail by the waterfall, you definitely will when you see the heart-shaped rock.

In fact, there are two heart-shaped pools on the side of the cliff where the waterfall hits. A few yards before you get to the waterfall, a massive old oak tree stands, seemingly to signify how old this place is, and how important it has been for romantics and explorers as a source of wisdom and inspiration.  

But the heart-shaped pools aren’t the only attraction in this secluded spot. As the trail leads down to the falls, there is a burned-out stump in the shape of a seat known as “The King’s Chair” because of its tall,  throne-like back – unfortunately, vandals have broken the back off. A little further down the stream is a slide rock pool known in the 1970s as the skinny-dipping pool. From there you can backtrack up the stream to reach the base of the falls.

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