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Hamburg Paper Mill Ruins

Tucked behind New Jersey's abandoned Gingerbread Castle lie the eerie ruins of a once-flourishing paper mill.  


In the backyard of the well-known (at least to locals) abandoned Gingerbread Castle in Northern New Jersey stands a lesser known but expansive ruin: the remains of the former Hamburg paper mill.

Completed in 1874 along the Wallkill River, the paper mill flourished as an industry creating tissue paper to pack fruit. The river was dammed, creating power for the mill, which was located close to the railroad so products could easily be shipped.

The mill met its demise after multiple fires and persistent flooding in the area. Today, the smokestack can still be seen from the road, and you can make out some of the original lettering, which once read: “Union Waxed and Parchment Paper Company.” The large iron wheel that probably powered the mill is still nestled on the property.

You can see a video with more exploration of the site here.

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April 24, 2017

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