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Greyfriars Bobby

The most loyal of little dogs, or a Victorian era publicity stunt? 


“Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all.” - tombstone of Greyfriars Bobby

A scruffy yet lovable looking dog looks out over Edinburgh atop a granite fountain built in his honor. This little Skye terrier known as Greyfriars Bobby was said to have stood vigil at his owner’s grave, for 14 years after his death. His dedication and loyalty became legendary, and when he finally died in January 1872, he was laid to rest in Greyfriars Kirkyard, not far from his owner’s grave. The statue was erected the following year and is the city’s smallest monument.

It’s a heartwarming story that has inspired numerous books, films, and even an episode of Futurama—but there’s a problem. It seems that the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt. 

In a 2011 book, author Jan Bondeson posits that the original Bobby was just a stray who found that by lingering around the churchyard he could get snacks from sympathetic visitors who assumed he was mourning the loss of his owner. Bondenson further suggests that the long life ascribed to Bobby (usually 16 years) can be explained by a mid-game substitution of a second dog, trained to stand vigil at the grave.

The author believes that the caretaker of the cemetery, James Brown, actively cultivated this myth because it brought in tourist dollars, even in Bobby’s lifetime, and earned him a bit in the way of tips and lunch-time consideration.

If this is the case, then Brown’s little stunt is still paying off. To this day, thousands of tourists pay their respects at the fountain and the nearby tombstone, leaving dog toys, throwing sticks, and bringing treats for the most loyal of dogs. 

Just a few doors up from the statue is the supposed location where Bobby was said to have dined upon hearing the One O’Clock gun go off at Edinburgh Castle. No. 6 Forrest Road (formerly Greyfriars Place ) was a Coffee House owned by John Trail. He was given a free meal to the delight of children & visitors alike.

Know Before You Go

The statue to Greyfriars Bobby sits at the corner of Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row and George IV Bridge. There's even a pub behind the statue called Greyfriars Bobby's bar. This is a great area of bars and restaurants.

A collection of Bobby's belongings can be located at The Museum of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile, including; his collar, bowl, and drinking cup. Also, try to resist the temptation to stoke Bobby's nose, as this removes the protective coating. As with most public monuments, there is a superstition that rubbing them will bring good luck. 

Inside the body of the church of Greyfriars, one will find a small museum that showcases various objects about the history and significance of this religious institution. In the corner is a display dedicated to the Disney film Bobby, including the cremated remains of the Skye Terrier who portrayed the illustrious canine.

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