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Grave of Sandra West and Her Ferrari

Alamo Masonic Cemetery

In 1977, wealthy socialite Sandra West was buried wearing an elegant white nightdress while reclining comfortably in her powder-blue 1964 Ferrari.  


The crane operators were careful not to mow over the existing graves as they maneuvered the 17-foot long, gray wooden box toward the 19-foot hole in the middle of the Alamo Masonic Cemetery. Inside the box lay the perfectly manicured corpse of the 48-year-old socialite and heiress, Sandra West. Mrs. West was positioned as if reclining in the driver’s seat of her beloved 1964 powder-blue Ferrari 300 America. In accordance with her will, she was dressed in her favorite white lace Italian nightgown with “the seat slanted comfortably.” The radio was tuned to her favorite station.

The box was then filled with concrete to deter opportunistic graverobbers.  Sandra Ilene West died on March 10th, 1977, from a prescription drug overdose. Her body was temporarily interred in another San Antonio mausoleum until her car could be shipped from Beverly Hills, California. She was buried beside her husband, Ike West, who died in Las Vegas in 1968 from unknown causes.

The funeral attracted national attention, because of West’s social status—and her eccentric burial wishes. At the time, local San Antonio newspapers reported that more than 300 people showed up to watch the burial process.

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