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Gongs of the Phibun Mangsahan Village

Khong Chiam, Thailand

Thailand's country villages continue the tradition of gong-making, and invite visitors to watch the process.  


Between the Phibun Mangsahan Bridge and Khong Chiam in Thailand, there are a number of eccentric villages famed for forging iron and bronze gongs. These instruments are used for temples and classical Thai-music ensembles, some of them measuring up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) tall.

A variety of roadside shelters and houses invite tourists and locals to witness the fabrication of their prized clangers. This rustic process involves hammering flat metal disks and tempering them in fire. The gongs themselves are quite detailed and ceremoniously decorated, and can be purchased from the local shops with the smallest costing around $11 and the largest going up to $500.

Adapted with permission from Exploguide.com dedicated to travelers looking for alternative and off the beaten track travel.

Know Before You Go

Phibun Mangsahan is 35km (E) from Ubon Ratchathani on the Rte 217.Then, drive about 6km (E) from Phibun Mangsahan to Khong Chiam on the Rte 2222.

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