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Glenn Goode's Big People

Gainesville, Texas

A family of fiberglass giants. 


Fiberglass giants, collected by Glenn Goode the self-titled Fiberglass Man, stand in a line on his former property. 

Goode owned a number of businesses in the area, including fiberglass molding and repair and custom sandblasting. He started collecting these massive fiberglass figures in 1971, when he paid $5 for one that stood outside a Go-Cart track in Garland, Texas. It was missing a few critical pieces, like a head and hands, but that Goode crafted replacements from the pieces of a Muffler Man. 

Over the years, Goode collected more members of the roadside family, including Muffler Man, Uniroyal Gal, and Big John (from the eponymous Big John Grocery). He restored these statues and customized them, changing their outfits and hair color.

After Goode died in 2015, he requested that the giants remain in place for at least five years before being sold. Though it’s been more than five years, they still remain standing.

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