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George Bush Statue

Fushë Kruje, Albania

In this town's main square resides a statue of none other than the 43rd President of the United States.  


Tucked away in the town of Fushë Kruje, there stands an unexpected sentinel - a nearly 10-foot tall effigy of George W. Bush. With rolled-up sleeves and a congenial wave, this statue is more than just an artistic curiosity, it is a testimony to a historic moment that brought an unassuming village briefly onto the world stage.

The origins of this towering tribute can be traced back to the somewhat serendipitous visit by George W. Bush in 2007. A town often bypassed on the way to more well-known destinations, Fushë Kruje found itself in the global spotlight as the first U.S. president to visit post-communist Albania chose it as one of his stops. His visit was greeted with exuberance, as the Albanian people saw it as a cherished acknowledgment from a country they deeply admired.

This admiration for America was not a spontaneous development but rather the culmination of a relationship that stretches back to the time of President Woodrow Wilson. The roots of Albania’s fondness for the United States were initially nurtured during the Wilson administration, which played a crucial role in ensuring Albania’s sovereignty in the post-WWI era. This bond was cemented in the fraught times of the late 1990s when the grim specter of ethnic cleansing ominously hung over Albanians in Kosovo. A united NATO, spearheaded by the United States, displayed unwavering resolve as they launched an 11-week aerial campaign in 1999. This decisive action effectively curtailed the oppressive machinations of Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević, serving to deepen the already established connection between Albania and America.

So, what at first glance might seem like an incongruous piece of Americana in a small Albanian village, the George W. Bush statue is, in fact, a monumental testament to kinship and solidarity. It is a reverent nod to an enduring bond with a faraway nation, a country that stood by Albania in times of peril. Through his casual wave, the bronze president seems to beckon passersby to pause and reflect on the ties that bind across oceans and the transformative power of an unexpected visit. In Fushë Kruje, where time seems to flow at its own pace, the statue echoes a tale of international friendship etched into the very fabric of the community.

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