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Frankfurt Wishing Wells

Carved fountains poignantly placed in parks and in front of special monuments. 


Frankfurt, a city so rich with bustling businesses also holds a strong card in the arts with its beautiful, carved fountains poignantly placed in parks and in front of special monuments. A favorite pastime of Frankfurters is touring each of these fountains, especially those designated as “Wishing Wells.” These four wishing wells include the Marshall Brunnen (Fountain), Gutenberg Monument, Operaplatz (Opera Plaza) Brunnen, and Liebfrauenberg Brunnen.

The last, the Liebfrauenberg is a baroque-style fountain erected in one of Frankfurt’s most posh locations back in 1769. The oval-shaped basin of the fountain holds a rustic obelisk that was copied by Kurt Zobel in 1970 and has been since recreated all over the world.

One of the most popular places in the entire city to meet, for people both young and old, the fountain features bronze plates that depict historical figures Moenus and Rhenus pouring water into shell-shaped basins that support dolphins whose mouths also serve as sources of water.

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