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Fortaleza de Juromenha

Almoinhos, Portugal

This abandoned fortress still stands guard over the Guadiana River despite a history of warfare.  


The fortress of Juromenha is located in the parish of Juromenha in the district of Évora next to the Guadiana river.

Its key location on the right margin of the Guadiana River made it a strategic location when Romans and Muslims ruled the region. During the constant wars between Muslims and Christian armies, and between Portuguese and Spaniards, the fort was the target of several conquests and reconquests, changing hands many times.

In 1644, during the War for the Restoration of Portuguese Independence,  construction began on the Fortress of Juromenha to reinforce and refortify the structure. The fortress suffered damages during the earthquake of 1755 and during the Peninsular War, it was taken over yet again by Spain but recovered by Portugal in 1808.

The fort was abandoned in 1920, and from 1950 to 1996, underwent more work and was the site of several archaeological excavations.

Inside the fortress, it’s still possible to observe two distinct churches, the jail, and a cistern. Visitors will also find a mixture of different architectural periods. Recovery plans have been in place for some time, but the site is currently abandoned.

Update as of February 2022: This location is currently closed indefinitely. 

Know Before You Go

The place is in dire need of renovations, so be careful where you step and watch for debris. It's an abandoned site, proceed with caution

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