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Delightful disarray of found objects and clutter. 


Nobody, it seems, can resist the charms of this Portland boutique, stuffed with curiosities and found objects. If you’re shopping for gifts, you won’t walk out of here empty-handed. It’s bursting with treasures: ye olde curiosities mixed with new apothecary lines of perfume, home fragrance and candles.

Inside, you’ll find neat stacks of wonderful books on the glamorous ladies of yesterday; as well as educational tomes on all things botanical, entomological, and mythological; and encyclopedic occult volumes. Candy hued vintage silk kimonos, slips and party dresses are dripping from stunning antique armoires. Cheeky taxidermy geese and goats are celebrating their 80th birthdays amid the well-appointed clutter.

There are bowls here overflowing with Pixie Stix straws, violet floral mints, and plenty of other old-fashioned favorites. Reproduction tin toys share space with vintage ones and there are always Cap Guns, Pick-Up Sticks, and Magic Gardens close at hand for kids or nostalgia-driven adults. All of this is surrounded by, next to, and beneath a collection of some of the most lush velvet settees, chairs, and ornate curio cabinets.

Co-Owned by Cindy Rokoff & Kalaisha Watrous

In partnership with KAYAK

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