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Fløibanen Funicular

A favorite with sightseers, this Norwegian funicular provides easy access to a stunning view of Bergen and its environs. 


Situated at the top of the Bergen peninsula, Fløyen is a mountain perfectly positioned to afford a sweeping panorama of the city as well as its surrounding fjords and dramatic sea approaches. And for almost a century, the easiest way to get to the top of Fløyen has been the funicular known simply as Fløibanen.

First proposed in 1895, the construction of Fløibanen started in 1914 and operation commenced on January 15, 1918. Carrying passengers from Bergen city center to the peak of Fløyen (with three additional station stops in between), Fløibanen ascends 300 meters (984 feet) over a total track length of 850 meters (2789 feet). Aside from one passing loop located between the third and fourth stations, the cars run along the same single track for the duration of the climb.

The two counterbalanced cars each accommodate approximately 80 passengers and take roughly seven minutes to traverse the length of the track. The summit provides visitors with not only picturesque vistas but also ample hiking opportunities. At Fløyen, there is a restaurant, cafeteria, souvenir shop, and a play area.

The cars and machinery of Fløibanen were fully replaced in 2002, and (in admirably forward-looking Nordic fashion) are slated to be renewed again in 2030.

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