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Flintsbach Historical Cemetery

Flintsbach am Inn, Germany

A rare example of a German cemetery with traditional grave markers dating back several generations. 


In Germany most cemeteries contain only relatively recent grave markers, going back at most one or two generations. This is because families of the deceased typically only rent the graves for a fixed number of years, usually 15-30.

If the family is unable or unwilling to renew the lease, the grave returns to state ownership and the remains are removed and either cremated or moved to a deeper, common gravesite elsewhere.

Because of this cemetery tradition, it is unusual to find examples of very old cemeteries and grave markers. A notable exception is the Historical Cemetery in Flintsbach am Inn, in southern Bavaria. The Flintsbach cemetery has a large collection of old ironwork grave markers, most of them painted in a traditional folk art style. In addition to the unique old iron grave markers, there is a small ossuary housing a handful of skulls.

Know Before You Go

The historical cemetery surrounds the church of St Martin, and can be entered from the church, or through a side gate. The ossuary is in a small building in the back corner of the graveyard.

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