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Ferrari World

This enormous sports car themed amusement park is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster. 


Ferrari’s world famous supercars are manufactured entirely in Maranello, Italy, but over 2,800 miles away in the arid deserts of the United Arab Emirates lies the world’s only Ferrari-themed amusement park. At this outrageous supercar emporium, the exorbitant wealth of Ferrari is put on full display.

Covering over 900,000 square feet, Ferrari World is the largest indoor theme park in the world, shaped like a massive three-pointed star when viewed from above, featuring a 215-foot version of Ferrari’s yellow prancing horse logo on the curved red roof.

Inside the theme park, visitors have the opportunity to visit an operating Ferrari factory, take a spin on a real Ferrari, and wander through a gallery of 70 years of Ferrari models. The “Bell’Italia” ride takes visitors on a Ferrari ride through a miniature diorama of the marvels of Italy, including Venice, the Roman Colosseum, the Amalfi Coast, and, of course, Ferrari’s hometown of Maranello. 

Fittingly, the park is also home to the world’s tallest roller coaster loop and the famous “Formula Rossa,” a thrill ride that sets the world record for roller coaster speed with a maximum velocity of 149mph.

Ferrari World has been dubbed one of the best tourist attractions in the Middle East, and is planning to expand the amusement park to Spain and Orlando in the coming years.

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