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Fayaz Tepe

Kaftarhana, Uzbekistan

The foundation of this ancient stupa dates back to the 1st-century.  


Built during the 1st-century and reaching its zenith during the 3rd-century, this Buddhist stupa and monastery are just a few of many similar structures constructed in the region during this period.

At the height of the Kushan empire, Central Asia was a massive trade hub and location for cultural exchanges. The Silk Road connected various Buddhist centers and helped spread the religion across Asia. 

Near the Amu Darya, monasteries appear across the landscape. Around Termez, there are three monasteries or stupas, Zurmala Stupa, Feyaz Tepe, and Kara Tepe.

Fayaz Tepe is the largest and oldest monastery near Termez. It contains many paintings, statues, and pottery. The monastery and the stupa are also protected by a new dome.

Fayaz Tepe is just nine miles (15 kilometers) from the Afghanistan border and close to Kara Tepe. 

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