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Eliot Public School

A school used as a model for public education across the country. 


Eliot School is one of the oldest public schools in Boston.

Remember those tiny chairs in elementary school? The Eliot School is where they - and many other models for schools across the country - began. The ventilation systems, proper size of a grammar school, and, yes, chair design were first invented for the Eliot Public school, originally located on North Bennet St. but relocated to Charter Street since 1933. The Eliot was used as a model for all public schools built afterward, in the state and across the expanding nation. 

Boston’s history has a way of piling up on top of itself: apparently, this site is the same spot where Paul Revere built his final home at the ripe age of sixty-five, but it’s been replaced by the school building. 

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August 23, 2010

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