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Dougherty Museum

Antique automobiles, phonographs, organs, and farm equipment. 


Ray G. Doughtery was a farmer in Boulder County, but he was also a collector who relished antiquated farm tools of his era. As he watched the car industry change, he began expanding his collection to include some original car models from the early 20th century before they were gone.

In 1977, his family transformed his incredible collection into a museum open to the public. The museum houses over 40 classic cars, including a 1909 Mobile Steamer (lauded as the first car in Colorado), a 1909 Packard, and a 1915 Stanley Steamer.

This museum is a healthy reminder that the nascent car industry experimented a great deal before settling on the internal combustion engine with which we are now familiar. In the collection, you will see many steam and electric models, as well as predecessors of the internal combustion engine. Remarkably, every model is in operating condition.

The collection also boasts farm tools like the 1880s granary, horse-drawn buggies, and musical instruments, including several early phonographs.

Know Before You Go

The Dougherty Museum is located at 8306 Hwy 287, one mile south of Longmont on the east side of U.S. 287. The museum is open to the public from June through August.

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