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Dolly Parton’s Dream Box and Final Song

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

This chestnut box will not be opened until the country music legend's 100th birthday in 2046. 


At Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort a special, glass-enclosed case behind a velvet rope holds a locked wooden box. This chestnut “Dream Box” is a repository of Dolly Parton’s memories and wishes for the future. It will not be opened until Dolly’s 100th birthday on January 19, 2046.

The box itself is a tribute to her original mentor and uncle, Bill Owens, who has worked tirelessly to preserve the American Chestnut tree. It contains a copy of Parton’s 2012 book, Dream More, and a piece of wood from the front porch of her childhood home.

As a final tribute, Dolly has placed a song in the box, which she has written to be released as her last. Entitled, “My Place in History,” only Dolly knows its melody and content until 2046. The song is on a CD, and the box also holds a CD player to ensure that the recording can be heard.

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