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Design Panoptikum

A surreal museum of extraordinary industrial objects. 


A step through the doors of Design Panoptikum, a Museum of Extraordinary Objects, is a step into a wonderfully unnerving world of retro-tech attached to body parts, and medical equipment paired with common items from eras spanning past and future.

Troubling imagery coupled with a self-described “space carnival atmosphere” lends to a spooky yet whimsical world of doll-like mechanical monsters and a place where people seem to have been put together with spare parts. Lounging on rare furniture under a substantial collection of bizarre lamps, these eerie figures and their surrounding furnishings are designed from historical objects from aviation, the medical field, the film industry and more.

Owner Vlad will, if you’re lucky, give you a personal tour of his half design museum, half horror house of imagination.

In partnership with KAYAK

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