Dennis Severs' House – England - Atlas Obscura

A house caught between history and obsession, Dennis Severs’ house is a four-floor “dramatic still life,” a detailed recreation of a family home spanning centuries of London history. However, what visitors really experience is much more interesting than just that.

The house is a meticulously rendered set that visitors have stepped into just as its residents have momentarily stepped out. The sights, and especially sounds and smells are a feast for the senses. The cramped and creaky house is peppered with clues of who the inhabitants might have been as well as notes from Mr. Severs himself reminding one to “Pay Attention.” By the time you reach the home’s top floor, the clues come together and you understand what has caused the family to drop everything and leave their home.

Know Before You Go

The address is 18 Folgate St, not no 8 Spital Sq.

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