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Délirium Café

Cozy basement bar sports an inventory of over 2,000 beers.  


Tucked away on a cobblestone backstreet in the heart of Brussels is the Délirium Café. Its bold name stems from the Belgian pale ale Delirium Tremens, and the front doors sport painted pink elephants in honor of the “Best Beer in the World.”

Located in the café’s basement, this bar’s walls are plastered with ad-panels, posters and neon signs from over the years. Beer trays from all over the world are nailed chaotically to the ceiling, and glass display cases filled to capacity with special edition beer glasses encircle the room.

Known for it’s hefty beverage selection, this bar offers a collection of over 2,000 beers and is quite popular among the college crowd. The menu resembles a mathematics textbook in size and organizes the beers by country of origin, as well as alcohol content. Although the beer list can be overwhelming, the bartenders have extensive knowledge on the beverages they serve and are always willing to give their own advice on what to order. The Délirium Café also offers a wide selection of delicious cheeses and sausages, as well as a fully-stocked water bar for those that don’t drink alcohol.

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