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Los Angeles, California

Declaration Sculpture

60 feet of towering steel balances gracefully. 

Tall, steel “arms” reaching for the sky, the sculpture “Declaration” by artist Mark di Suvero is a graceful beach giant.

A pair of massive, tilted triangles seemingly balanced to tower above the ground and stretch to meet its neighboring palms. Some whisper that it has masonic symbolism, while others feel it represents a beacon or a lighthouse.

Di Suvero is reknowned for his large scale industrial installations, now located across the country and around the world. His work began in the 1950s as part of the Abstract Expressionist movement, most of his pieces ar so massive that they require the use of heavy machinery to install. 

“Declaration” was installed on the boardwalk in 2001 in honor of the Venice Art Walk’s 22nd year. It was only intended to be a display lasting 6 months, but it has remained remained an eye-catching bookend to Windward Ave since 2001.

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Located at the end of Windward Ave on the Boardwalk

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