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Crab Museum

Europe's "only museum dedicated to the decapod" is full of quirky and absurdist displays, including one featuring the "famous" Giant Crab of Margate. 


The Crab Museum promotes itself as “Europe’s only museum dedicated to the decapod” but is more a quirky environmental action and climate change initiative launched by a team of absurdists.

While there is certainly some scientific information about crabs, there is also a lot of tongue-in-cheek nonsense about giant crabs, bearded ladies, crabs engaged in class warfare, an info panel (in the toilet) on pubic lice (commonly called “crabs”), and a “carb display,” supposedly initiated by a dyslexic curator.

The museum is the project of crab enthusiasts Ned Suesat-Williams, Bertie Suesat-Williams, and Chase Coley. In an interview with The Isle of Thanet News, the trio explained some of the philosophy behind the museum: “Margate was famous for its eccentric seaside attractions long before it was an artistic retreat for London’s struggling socialites. We like to think that Crab Museum will give a 21st-century nod to the donkey rides of yesteryear, and our combination of humour and science will inject a little bit of unexpected fun into an often overlooked area of marine biology.”

The gift shop features items such as lobster repellent, a tea towel depicting the food chain (as well as a beer can), and numerous postcards of an anarcho-anti-capitalist bent. The museum is free and worth every penny. Seriously funny and comically serious. Sadly, the museum is only open on weekends. 

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