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Coney Island Hot Dog Stand

This hot dog-shaped diner has moved all around Colorado, never been to New York. 


It’s no mystery what’s for sale at the Coney Island Hot Dog Stand, and not just because of the name as the entire building is shaped like a hot dog.

Originally opened in 1966 in Denver, the restaurant, commonly referred to as THE Coney Island was originally part of a proposed chain of businesses that would translate the feel of the New York boardwalk to the mountainous climes of Colorado. Unfortunately, the plans for the chain fell through, but The Coney Island remained. By 1970 the novelty eatery was moved to the mountain town of Aspen Park where smaller hot dogs were again served from inside the giant one. 

By 1999 business at the stand had dwindled and a local initiative to save the whimsical building began. The aging kitchen was replaced and the building was refurbished. Unfortunately, the precious real estate the hot dog was taking up was needed for a decidedly non-food-shaped bank building and The Coney Island once again had to hit the road.

This time, it landed in its current home in the town of Bailey. The Coney Island is still a popular eatery among locals and visitors alike, and is a classic throwback to the time of roadside novelty and recursive architecture.  

Know Before You Go

There is plenty of free parking out front, with a store full of touristy stuff right next door. If visiting, why not go for the Atlas Obscur twofer, with the Sasquatch Outpost right down the road less than a mile.

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