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Clone Factory is permanently closed.

Clone Factory

Japanese company creates clone dolls that reside in the "uncanny valley." 


Japan is blazing the trail when it comes to developing synthetic humans.

Seemingly lacking whatever it is that tends to give Westerners the willies when it comes to human replicas, the Japanese have been working steadily toward personal clones becoming an attainable household commonality. Androids are still a long way off from being something that just anyone desiring a creepy facsimile of themselves can possess, but the Clone Factory in Akihabara has the next best thing.

For a mere $1,750, the Clone Factory will take a digital 3D model of your head, print it out on a 3D printer, and just like that you have a horrifying 20-inch doll that looks exactly like you. Once your mini head is ready, you may choose a body and an outfit for your tiny monstrosity. Many customers prefer a look that represents a special event, weddings being the most popular, although anything from a sailor outfit to a stormtrooper body is available. Once you’ve committed to creating a pocket-sized version of yourself, you might as well go all out.

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