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Charlie's Aeroplane

Murray Town, Australia

One man’s legacy soars high on the wings of a miniature plane. 


So you’re driving the Horrocks Highway on a warm summer day, the Flinders Ranges rising majestically behind you, pastures undulating ahead for as far as the eye can see. Sheep graze, windmills creak, and it’s quiet enough to daydream. Then you see it: a red and white Douglas DC-3 planted in the blue, cloudless sky. 

Charlie’s Aeroplane—a pole-mounted model—has been a beloved landmark, and sparked the imaginations of locals and visitors alike, in Murray Town, South Australia, for over four decades. It was built by area farmer and businessman, Charlie Aslat, in 1979. Aslat, always a child at heart, was known for his whimsical creations, at one point even creating a miniature passenger train that he would lend out to events for the enjoyment of the local children.

Aslat passed away in 2013 at the age of 85. The plane, which was originally located on the boundary of his farm, was taken down in 2016 and underwent extensive restoration before being relocated to Murray Town’s main junction. It flies in his memory, bringing joy to everyone who sees it. 

Know Before You Go

Charlie’s Aeroplane is located at the junction of Horrocks Highway and Nukunu Yarta Way (Booleroo Centre Road), in the heart of Murray Town, about ten miles south of Melrose, South Australia. 

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