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Charles A. Lindbergh House

Little Falls, Minnesota


This home-turned-museum pays home.age to Charles A. Lindbergh, the first person to fly non-stop over the Atlantic Ocean. For someone who would be seen as courageous pilot who would break new ground in the world of aviation, Lindbergh’s early life was particularly quiet and lonely.

Even when Lindbergh was born, he was already on the move. While he was born in Michigan, he spent most of his childhood in Little Falls, Minnesota. His mother was a science teacher, and his father was a lawyer, who later became a U.S. congressman from Minnesota’s 6th District.

It would be when his father became a senator that Lindbergh would start traveling across the country, and probably when Lindbergh would become more quiet. The constant moving from place to place made it hard for the future aviator to make solid friends at school, mostly because Lindbergh never stayed at a school for more than two years. Before traveling, however, Lindbergh spent a majority of his childhood in the small town of Little Falls, Minnesota.

Inside the home, You can see where Lindbergh played as a child on the banks of the Mississippi River, and the home is still filled with Lindbergh’s old toys, artifacts, and its original furnishings.

Know Before You Go

In Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, two miles south of Little Falls.

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