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Casa Sperimentale

Fregene, Italy

This abandoned Brutalist treehouse is a hidden architectural relic. 


Casa Sperimentale has been crumbling within a coastal town on the outskirts of Rome since its builder passed away in 1995. The eclectic building is made from a mishmash of shapes and building materials, creating a striking geometric masterpiece.

Giuseppe Perugini, with the help of his wife Uga De Plaisant and their son Raynaldo Perugini, built the unique structure in the late 1960s. They used the construction of their holiday home as an opportunity for a reflection on living spaces and a test of the technical feasibility of some of Perugini’s ideas.

The home is elevated and built around the surrounding pine forest. It’s only accessible by one bright red staircase, which functioned as a drawbridge and could be lifted to cut off the outside world. It’s sometimes referred to as the “repeatable house” or the “un-finishable house,” since it was completely modular and could be expanded on at any time.

These days, the home is a showcase of graffiti and local flora, although it’s been rumored that the home may be turned into an event space sometime soon.


Know Before You Go

The house is located along a quiet street, where it stands behind a fence. Do not trespass.

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