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Casa Pueblo

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

This community-driven organization uses education and eco-friendly technology to protect the environment. 


Due to the threats of climate change, communities all over the world are stepping in to protect their own natural resources. Puerto Rico has its own ongoing community effort in Casa Pueblo.

Located in the town of Adjuntas, the organization was founded in 1980 by a group of volunteers to combat the government’s plans for the exploitation of 17 deposits of gold, silver, and copper. The project threatened thousands of acres of land in several towns, including Adjuntas. In 1995, after 15 years of protests, the government finally conceded and discarded the project.

Since its inception, Casa Pueblo has been involved in similar protests and overseen various eco-friendly projects. The headquarters transformed into an important education center with the purpose of creating conscience about the environment. As part of their tours, Casa Pueblo also demonstrates to visitors how these projects work, and may even encourage the public to adapt some of the ideas at their own homes.

Among the projects shown to the public is the butterfly farm. Inaugurated in 2001 during Earth Day, the farm is an enclosed ecosystem essential for the reproduction of these wonderful insects. Visitors may witness butterflies in flight, feeding, mating, and their whole life cycle. The ecosystem is also important for scientific research.

Another important project is the hydroponic cultivation system, which has successfully produced lettuce and cilantro, among other veggies. Established in 2003, the system uses water enriched with nutrients, eliminating the need for pesticides since soil problems such as weeds and plagues are no longer present.

Other features of Casa Pueblo include a plant nursery, a library, a museum of antiquities, a photo gallery, and newspaper articles emphasizing the organization’s achievements through the years.

Casa Pueblo also sells its own coffee brand, labeled Café Madre Isla. Founded in 1989, the brand serves as a source of income and employment for the organization. The coffee is roasted, ground, and jarred on the spot for maximum quality.

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Casa Pueblo opens daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It's easy to find on Google Maps.

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