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Carrickfergus Knights

These sculptures honor the knights who once called Carrickfergus Castle their stronghold.  


These metallic sculptures stand menacingly at the corner of the Scotch Quarter, along the Marine Highway in the historic shore town of Carrickfergus.

The figures represent the fearsome Anglo-Normans and Edward Bruce’s knights that once called the region their stronghold. The town and Carrickfergus Castle founded in 1177, acted as a key fortification in Ulster for both Anglo-Norman and Bruce’s knights during various conflicts and campaigns.

Bruce, the brother of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, led an army from Scotland to Carrickfergus to siege the castle. This act would eventually lead to the Anglo-Normans relenting to Edward Bruce and his army in 1316. Eventually, the castle returned to Anglo-Norman hands after some time under Bruce’s control. 

These sculptures are beloved by the local community so much that they are often adorned with hats, decorations, and other forms of clothing from townspeople to celebrate events or holidays.

Know Before You Go

Travel to the Marine Gardens park along the Marine Highway and park in the car park near Maud's Ice Cream Parlour in Scotch Quarter next to the Play Park. Get out of the car and walk to the corner between Scotch Quarter, Taylor's Avenue, and the Marine Highway where the three Carrickfergus Knights Sculptures are located.

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