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Busted Plug Plaza is permanently closed.

Busted Plug Plaza

The world's largest fire hydrant is supposedly tornado-proof. 


Made to look colossal and broken at the same time, the massive hydrant known as Busted Plug Plaza is towering steel monster that was made to last through natural disasters. 

The world’s largest fire hydrant is possibly the best known work by South Carolina artist Blue Sky, who is also responsible for other public works of art in the area such as Tunnelvision and the Neverbust Chain. The oversize hydrant weighs in at around 675,000 pounds and is made to look as though it has been knocked askew by some equally giant automobile. Water sprays from the broken base of the monument at all hours like some irreparable public work. The hydrant stands over 40 feet tall and is constructed of concrete and steel, making it as immovable as it is imposing.

According to Blue Sky’s website, the Busted Plug was specifically built so strong as a public safety measure to prevent the piece from being toppled or shredded during hurricanes. Whether the hydrant can withstand the fury of nature it has certainly managed to garner the adoration of the local community who intend to move the massive piece now that new owners have the land, as opposed to just tearing it down.

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