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BOH Tea Plantation and Factory

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia supplies gorgeous vistas alongside most of the tea for the surrounding countries. 


The largest tea plantation in southeast Asia is a massive spread of acres that supplies almost all of the tea for the considerable demand in the surrounding countries, and is loaded with a natural beauty all its own.

Founded in 1929 by British businessman J. A. Russel, the plantation has expanded from a small tract of land in Habu to acres of tea-growing sites in Cameron Highlands. The cool climate and the rich soil of this province provide a fertile ground for cultivating a staggering amount of tea in response to the continuous demand from the countries in the region. At over 8,000 acres, the BOH tea plantation is the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

To ensure freshness of its tea products, BOH also processes its harvest in its own factory located in Sungai Palas. In the same site is the in-house cafe and gift shop where guests can purchase the varieties of tea produced in the factory.