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Blue Spring

Ellington, Missouri

The deepest spring in Missouri.  


Blue Spring is deep enough to accommodate the entire Statue of Liberty. In fact, it is the deepest of all the Missouri springs. Deemed “The Spring of the Summer Sky” by Native Americans, Blue Spring now shares its name with numerous other springs in Missouri that confuse tourists and locals alike.

With a depth of over 310 feet, Blue Spring is one of the deepest springs in the country. The depth, combined with the mineral-rich spring water, creates a vibrant blue color. When pioneers first attempted to measure the spring, they concluded that it had no bottom. In reality, the intense pressure caused the anvil on a rope to float at a certain depth. 

Know Before You Go

Access to the spring requires a .7-mile hike or a float down the Current River. Each trail from the parking lot links to the blue spring. No swimming or wading.

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August 4, 2022

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