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Bimini Road

North Bimini Island, Bahamas

An underwater road considered a possible Atlantis location. 


According to Greek legend, the city of Atlantis sunk into the ocean in one single day, wiping its existence off the earth 11,000 years ago. Since that time, scientists, treasure hunters and philosophers have searched endlessly to find even a trace of the lost world, said to be partially intact somewhere below the ocean waves.

Being one of the most well-known legends in the world, anything found during an ocean dive even resembling a manmade structure has caused serious waves of media attention. In 1968, a diver off the coast of North Bimini Island, Bahamas discovered a series of stones 18 feet below the surface. The stones appeared manmade, and were evenly spaced out in a road-like line stretching a half mile.

A storm of publicity immediately descended on the discovery, with a number of individuals claiming the stones were a portion of wall, or a road that was formerly part of a larger city. Everyone hoped the discovery would be connected to Atlantis, and the discovery of two other similar “roads,” spurred the excitement.

Unfortunately, carbon dating, and analysis of the blocks led to the conclusion that the roads were made naturally through geological forces. No tool marks were found on the blocks, and there was no evidence that the blocks had ever been stacked to build a structure. Although there is still some speculation and research on Bimini today, it is generally agreed upon that the limestone blocks were formed by erosion, leaving the mystery of Atlantis unsolved.

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