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Betty and Barney Hill Graves

Greenwood Cemetery
Kingston, New Hampshire

Final resting places of a husband and wife who became famous for their claims of extraterrestrial abduction. 


On the night of September 19th and on into the early morning in 1961, husband and wife Barney and Betty Hill were traveling South on Route 3 to their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after vacationing in Montreal when they claimed they were followed by a spaceship and eventually accosted, kidnapped, examined, and then released by its extraterrestrial crew.

The event has since become the best documented and most famous case of alien abduction in the history of ufology. The story of the Hills grew big enough to prompt a best-selling book by John Fuller entitled The Interrupted Journey, inspire a television movie called The UFO Incident starring James Earl Jones, and was subjected to a brutal debunking by famous intellectual Carl Sagan.

Barney passed away at the young age of 46 due to a cerebral hemorrhage, eight years after the incident. Betty died in 2004, after living a long life fully enmeshed and celebrated in UFO culture. They’re both buried at the back of Greenwood Cemetery off North Road in Kingston, New Hampshire. Below each of the names on their cemetery plaques is stated, “of The Interrupted Journey.”

Adapted with permission from The New England Grimpendium by J.W. Ocker 

Update As of 2021: The family headstone has been removed, though the plaques still remain.



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