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The Basalt Organ

Kisapáti, Hungary

Take a hike to this unique rock formation formed by lava flows. 


Not far from Lake Balaton, in Balaton Uplands National Park, stone columns rise from the earth in striking formations. A hearty hike and climb leads visitors to some of the most noteworthy, which look like the organ pipes of an instrument of monumental size, thus the name Bazaltorgonák.

This unique geography, as explained by nearby educational signs, is the result of the area’s volcanism, which was especially active several million years ago, when a sea that once covered the area retreated. Flowing lava cooled into basalt rock, and over time, the forces of erosion formed the columns that draw hikers up steep trails to enjoy the view. Interesting rock formations can be found throughout the park, but these organ-like columns and an accompanying education trail are found at St. George’s Hill. 

Know Before You Go

The hiking trail is roughly 4km, or 2.5 miles, and parts are steep and difficult for young children.

If you have the chance, visit the nearby Lake Cave of Tapolca.

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